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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Alison Price's Critical Research Journal for Falmouth University MA Photography

This week’s resources and reading have been interesting but a long way from my current practice. However, I think it has enabled me to think more creatively and learn from others. (See more on my Course Work Blog this week).

We were introduced to the concept of “post photography” – a technique widely used in media and other creative fields in the 1990s and then to “non-human” photography – such as webcams where it is machines that are producing the raw images leaving photographers with a limitless array of material to choose from. Vilem Flusser suggests that photographers should consider their practice in pursuit of “freedom”.   In seeking freedom photographers should “play against the camera”.

Another new concept for me was “smuggling” which involves humans intervening in the camera or its programme. I was particularly interested in Robert Overweg’s work where he captures images of glitches in computer games giving…

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